About Food Stream

who are we

Established in early 2018, the Commercial Food Flow Foundation is an Arab organization owned by Arab and Egyptian businessmen -Its authorized capital is SR 10,000,000 million and the amount paid is SR 5 million million. The main purpose of the company as specified in its establishment contract is: -Investing Arab funds in food and beverages in the world, not only in the Arab region, by contributing to investment projects in the sectors of agriculture, food industry and trade of hotels and restaurants on economic and commercial basis.

Board of Directors Founding Members

Majed Al – Qurashi

Chairman of Board of Directors

The company's work was in harmony with the needs of the commercial market in the field of food and beverages. The first attention was given by Batnbeh in the first meeting of all the employees of the company with the interest and the continuous focus on improving the services provided to our customers in hotels, establishments and restaurants and in continuous follow up in our factories until the supply of health products of high quality. We provide them with all the conditions, training and modern ideas that raise the name of the industrial and food establishments, hotels, restaurants and bakeries in the Arab region, and so we have achieved our goal in working towards our customers.

Hashem katb Khanh

General Director

-The focus of the company on all the needs of hotels, restaurants, bakeries and institutions was important for us in the first phase, but it is our duty to help all the food factories, tourism establishments, restaurants, bakery workers and Al- Helwani to put under his hand all the experiences in the world to help the continuous development, success and prosperity in this system that is difficult To reach it after a continuous training and learning, so we came and put all our possibilities under your hand until you find all that is modern and developed and based on the vision of 2030, which was approved by His Royal Highness and Crown Prince, we decided to stand behind this banner which has all the means of success and that each of us contributes seriously Determination of the scope of currency

Tamer El Khouly

Executive manager

-Thank you for visiting our website and appreciate your interest in our service, which was of the first interest and the reasons behind the cooperation between the Egyptian company ASTAR, which is 11 years old and the commercial food flow company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to cooperate in the industry of food and beverages and all that is necessary Hotels, restaurants, bakeries and sweets in their daily need. My first concern was not only the quality provided by our factories, but also the training of a new generation of professionals and innovators in their work and we tried hard, and this was one of our sense of responsibility towards our customers and finding solutions for Shakl, which we face during the day work We came to put our hand on the weaknesses in the field of industry Food of interest in the first phase Factories, hotels, restaurants, bakery and Alkhaloni We came to be in cooperation between us to raise the good performance and work on the spirit of the leading team in the food sector, we have endeavored to attract expertise from The world's largest food industry so that we are all in the forefront of the food and beverage industry. It is our most important to see the success of our valued customers and to reach every customer what he wants